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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 854: A Rant on Today

I’m trying to think of something to say at the moment. Something articulate and caring and perhaps poignant. Doing this under a time constraint is perhaps not helpful to trying to say something that express what I want to express, … Continue reading

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Whale Fall: It Will Become Itself Review

This was written yesterday in one short sitting and then edited over the last hour. I feel as though as far as reviews go this is acceptable. I don’t think it’s great, but I feel as though I’m developing something. … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 484: Stare out the Window

I was able to stare out the window of the apartment that I am currently in. I was able to stare out of it and I guess now I am able to attempt to stare out of it, but it … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 409: Houses, Hills, Roads, Cars

There is a little bit of dew on the window that leads to the outside world outside of this attic, and it is a little bit cold, and I am sitting here trying to do something, but not really, for … Continue reading

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