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Moved Once More

It’s so early in the year and it’s already been a bit of a long one. I feel like it;s dragged on for a bit already. So much has happened in such little time and I’ve nothing really to talk … Continue reading

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West Ryde Station

Where my recent lengthy cycle began. I like how massive some of the clouds feel when compared to everything else. Massive and relaxing. I also like how simple, yet detailed the scene appears. The scene feels like it is somewhere … Continue reading

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Cowboys and Aliens Review

A bunch of aliens scout the earth to mine gold and find out the easiest way of killing people before heading back to the big ship to tell them how to mine gold and kill people easily for some reason. … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 140: Bland Whinge

Well, it’s a Wednesday afternoon and all I can feel is the cold, lonely stench of fatigue slowly reaching out and trying to caress my eyelids into irresistible submission so I get carried off somewhere whilst thy work that I … Continue reading

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