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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 191: Something About Being Tired and Working on an Assignment

Here I sit, thinking “considering the amount of times that I’ve started a post with “Here I sit”, that seems like a wholly original way to start a post”. I’m at work, I’m tired and I’m quite okay with being … Continue reading

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Ikea Story

Near the start of January, a day after I was thoroughly sunburned (it was mostly the face), I went into Ikea. I was there to buy a new bandblad. Instead, I walked out with an omelett, a rölleka, a rosenkRAGE … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 74: Wandering Through the Dessert

Thoughtless is my mind at the moment. Blank and desolate. An open expanse of nothingness. A vast dessert stretches out in front of me. I wear a stern look on my face, not knowing where to go or where to … Continue reading

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Japan Trip: The Third day in Osaka

When I woke in the morning I decided to go wandering around the area. Whilst I was still sore, I was in much less pain than the previous day. There was a typhoon during the night. I’m not sure as … Continue reading

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