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The Need to Walk

It was still the early hours of the dawn of the morning, when they set out to walk all the way to somewhere, anywhere that was removed from their current environment. Their mind was bitter. They needed to walk as … Continue reading

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Walking Home with Ewe

After Ewe and I saw Baywatch, we decided to walk home for reasonsĀ  that are beyond me. I think I mostly wanted to get away from the large amount of people outside of the cinema. And so walking we started … Continue reading

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Walking Across the Bending Bridge

Yesterday I walked across Anzac Bridge because I wanted to before I started work. Well, actually I wanted to go for a swim, but there wasn’t enough time. Anyway, here’s a shot I took whilst walking across. I hope you … Continue reading

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Light on the Ocean

Earlier this year when Ewe and I were about to start bush walking into the Royal National Park (starting in Otford), we saw this. I took quite a few photos as I found it to be quite amazing and beautiful. … Continue reading

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