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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 846: On The Hives

Well, that is the way that the things go and now I am energised, which means I have to explain the event in question. You see, what I was doing was listening to The Hives and whilst I was listening … Continue reading

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Luna Park Noise Issues

I’ll try to keep the details of this one brief before I go on a bit of a tangent. Luna Park in Sydney had a ruling against them regarding installing a new ride that would be part of a family-oriented … Continue reading

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Regurgitator: Live at The Metro 21/10/2016

First band of the gig, SEIMS, opened the show with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. Despite being firmly rooted in “math rock”, they played an upbeat set that could easily be danced to. They played hard and well, eliciting … Continue reading

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Five-hundred Word Challenge 11: We’re Playing Live

Fe and I are going to be playing live next month. This is, for me, very exciting and I’m sure it is for Fe as well. We’ve been working on our music for almost two-and-a-half years now. We could have … Continue reading

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