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Sophia: As we Make our way (Unknown Harbours) Review

There comes a time in those who release albums that they must release an album, hence those who release albums. Robin Proper-Sheppard has been around for long enough to have been a part of a number of albums that have … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 106: On the Creature in the River Thames

So I was going to write about how some uni students (by that, I mean a good majority of them for some reason as I unfairly lump a lot of them together, but that’s my bias) really piss me off, … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 88: My Inane Writing

If there is anything in this world that really grabs my goat, it’s a good pair of hands attached to an able body that is ready to spend some time grabbing goats that think it’s a good idea to be … Continue reading

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Unknown Figure

This was taken on the same day as “The Sky over a River“. I wanted to try and get a photo of a person that looked menacing and intimidating due to their appearance being difficult to make out. It didn’t … Continue reading

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Feet and the Cables that Lead us

These feet belong to Fe. I took a few pictures of him when we were working on music in the middle of March. I think this is the best one. To me, it evokes structure and strength in some ways … Continue reading

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Morning Fog

There was a fairly thick fog this morning. I decided to take this picture because I liked the view and also because I liked the juxtaposition it creates with the same location during sunset. It’s kind of more unknown and … Continue reading

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