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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 176: About Writing Once more, Although this Time it’s much more Thoughtful

Sunday, oh Sunday…. There was nothing more than that to that sentence, so instead I’ll continue on in some usual fashion, although I’m not sure as to what is fashionable these days. I guess that’s part of the cons of … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 122: Theories About a Non-event That Happened Yesterday

Yesterday, whilst a co-worker and I were on the train whilst heading home from work, I took off the beanie I was wearing and said something about having the balding look (as a small part of my hair was kind … Continue reading

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Interstellar Review

I enjoyed it but I didn’t think it was good. I found the soundtrack to be too loud and at parts unnecessary. Some moments could have had a greater intensity to them without music. I’m left a bit confused by … Continue reading

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