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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 673: Blot out the Sun

Windows fogged up is what I see next to me and on the other side I feel the encroaching of the cold, but I’ve got to push on as work is soon and I want to feel as though I’ve … Continue reading

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SUMAC: Love in Shadow Review

This review can also be found on Culture Eater. Please check out the site and see what other people are contributing. Anyway, here’s the review. —– Not too many bands have enough studio albums released to be able to cover … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 422: Work Day Ahead

There it is. The thing to which I am chained. It sits there, staring as though it knew that I were to approach the altar of the task at hand. It is smug in its appearance and it knows t … Continue reading

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Explaining the Previous Post

So the first scene after the title shows a whale in the ocean enjoing itself. This quickly cuts to a shot where there is nothing. We then see the whale with a tear rolling down its face. This is because … Continue reading

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