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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 193: Stuff on Sunday

Weill, that was certainly a weekend of a few extra days than usual, not that I’m complaining, let me tell you! There were many happenings for many people. I decided to be as lazy as possible, although there was one … Continue reading

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Here’s a photo I took yesterday whilst I was standing on the beach. The surf was a bit odd. The tide was far out and the waves were breaking a bit too far to be near them safely. There was … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 70: Sandwich Story

Once upon a time there was a person who saw a snowflake that rode the surf off into the sunset because it needed to get back home as its sandwich needed to be eaten. The person, not quite knowing what … Continue reading

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The Sun Pushing Past Clouds

Here is a photo I took on Friday. Ewe and I headed off to Bondi Beach at around 6:15 A.M. for a morning swim (we both prefer to go earlier in the day as there’s less people and usually the … Continue reading

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Cosmic fridge surfs the infinite void of CHEESE

As I was working on the previous picture I stuffed up trying to make a planet or star; I’m not sure as to which. I decided to run with it and it then became the masterpiece you see before your … Continue reading

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Cosmic fridge surfs the infinite void of space

This was made today. If anyone is wondering why there is a fridge in space, here is my answer: In Interstellar, why was the wormhole placed near Saturn? I hope you enjoy.

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Chinamans Beach

I thought I’d also put this photo up tonight. I took it the day before Australia Day, which was when I went to Chinamans Beach with Ili and his friend. It is a fairly relaxed beach. You can go out … Continue reading

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