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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 525: Many a Time

Once more racing the clock. Trying to reach the end of it all and yet I don’t know where the end even begins, but that shall not stop me on my endeavour to be the very best, like someone who … Continue reading

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Shortly after the last exam of last semester, I took this photo. Two of my colleagues (and Ewe) were sitting in Centennial Parklands. We were all a bit wrecked. I was taking a bunch of really good shots despite my … Continue reading

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Some bad Poetry About Plants

Here’s some bad poetry about plants. It could definitely be better than what it is. Well, I hope you enjoy. —— Many leaves fall on the ground After detaching from outstretched arms And through the ground on leaves are fed As … Continue reading

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Statue of 楠木 正成 (Kusunoki Masashige)

This is the photo I used as my twenty-sixth entry for Leanne Cole‘s “Monochrome Madness“. From what I’ve read, Kusunoki Masashige was a samurai remembered for his loyalty, among other things. The statue is an incredibly powerful one, seemingly posed … Continue reading

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Feet and the Cables that Lead us

These feet belong to Fe. I took a few pictures of him when we were working on music in the middle of March. I think this is the best one. To me, it evokes structure and strength in some ways … Continue reading

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