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One Question

Today a portion of New South Wales continues to burn. It continues to remain on fire in what appears to still be the early part of a prolonged bushfire season. Yesterday was pretty bad. A lot of the fire season … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 524: Diatribe Regarding Sand Dunes

I do not have much time and I feel the need to write and yet I have nothing that I can think of that would be worth writing about, so let’s go with the wall and see what sticks. I … Continue reading

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On the Recent Announcement of Sydney Bus Routes being Privatised

Recently the current N.S.W. transport minister known only as Andrew Constance, in a move that seemed as though the government was throwing all of its toys out of the pram in order to teach us all a lesson (or something) … Continue reading

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Nick Cave: Live at the State Theatre 14/12/2014

Well, it was good. However, there’s a a couple of things I’d like to mention. Nick Cave appeared to enjoy playing more recent songs (from the last ten years) far more than he did the older, although he did appear … Continue reading

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