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Q & A with FERLA

I’ve spent a few hours editing a writer’s piece that’s going up on┬áCulture Eater some time in the future and want to rest as it was mentally exhausting to read and edit, so instead here’s (probably) the last thing from … Continue reading

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Scorn: Feather

Still not feeling much like writing, so here’s a review I wrote for Culture Eater. This is one I should’ve finished six weeks ago at the latest, but I started it late and only got around to finishing it today. … Continue reading

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FERLA: The Human Heart Review

This is the last review that went up on Cool Try, unless I’m remembering it incorrectly and there was another one from someone else. I do know that it was the last one I had go up on Cool Try. … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 141: on Being Single (Kind of)

Well, I really need to hurry as I set a post to be published at a future time a bit earlier in the day and now it’s not long before that future time arrives. Due to my wanting to make … Continue reading

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