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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 412: Circumstances Dictate

My back is sore, I am sitting here and there are no items of food on my desk, unless yo-u count the almighty TEA that is sitting here doing its thing, which is to sit here until I pick it … Continue reading

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Blow Your Trumpet Gabriel

On the first day of the field trip two weekends ago whilst we were stopped at some place for lunch I went for a bit of a wander. Not far from the place I came across two witches hats and … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 229: Six Minutes to go

I’ve got six minutes to go before I need to log back in from my lunch and I don;’t know whether I should be running around like a chicken that is sadly lacking its head and therefore its mind, or … Continue reading

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A Picture of Herbert

This is something I planned on doing for a while. It was started on Friday and finished yesterday. I hope you enjoy.

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Boss is the Boss of Them All

During time in Japan, I came across a few vending machines that had Tommy Lee Jones advertising a canned coffee. I thought the advertising was equal parts odd and funny. After the first few days seeing this advertising, I decided … Continue reading

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About Herbert

Herbert was created when a whole lot of balloons were floating around work one day. I decided to draw a face on one of the balloons, but as I am not good at drawing faces, it turned out a bit … Continue reading

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Shin Megami Tensei I and II plot summary

Recently I decided on a whim to check out a forum I used to post in. Unfortunately the forum seems to be abandoned now. Anyway, I decided to have a look for a particular post I made and I was … Continue reading

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Me with a Chicken on my Head

This was taken earlier this year by Naa. I was in Canberra with my ex around the time of my birthday because it had been a while since we’d seen Naa and I preferred that over throwing a massive party. … Continue reading

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Zardoz fan art

I have seen Zardoz far too many times. I’m trying to work out how many right now. I lose track after eleven. I decided to do a “trace” of Zardoz for Ili today whilst i was at work, as he … Continue reading

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Blue Cheese: The Defiance Factor

Some guy was walking along one day. He was really hungry. He was so hungry, that there appeared to be nothing that could satiate his hunger. He tried many an object of desire. He tried many an object of disgust. … Continue reading

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