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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 673: Blot out the Sun

Windows fogged up is what I see next to me and on the other side I feel the encroaching of the cold, but I’ve got to push on as work is soon and I want to feel as though I’ve … Continue reading

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One Thousand Word Challenge 24: Remembering Stuff and Something About a Field Trip

Right now I am sitting here, waiting for things to happen. I’ve been remembering things that happened when I was a little kid. Nothing bad or good. Just things. I remember them… not vividly, but well enough to know that … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 194: In the Shadow that Blotted out the Sun

On the open hilly area a gentle, yet tense breeze blew through the grass. Clouds passed by overhead whilst animals grazed in relative peace. There was plenty of sun shining through and the giant fish bowl full of fish loomed … Continue reading

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Patterns on the Wall

Here is a picture I took in April. I was heading home from work when I noticed the shadows of some trees being cast onto a wall by a lamp post. I liked their vague and mysterious appearance and how … Continue reading

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