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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 280: Nonsense

A string of letters constructed in a sequence to inform those that visit them of the ways of something that has not yet been decided. The moon ate the sun and danced the night away whilst the carpet struck the … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 175: Wanting more Rain

It was yesterday that a thick sheet of rain fell upon the city known as Sydney. Whilst the storm threatened to overstay its welcome by what could be described as a significant amount, unfortunately that was not to be the … Continue reading

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Meshuggah: The Violent Sleep of Reason Review

Meshuggah. Complex polyrhythms. Harsh dissonance. Odd time signatures. Technical drumming. Heavy guitar. Harsh vocals. Brutal heaviness. Musically chaotic. Menacing sound. Experimental nature. Chug: the Album. I could go on about Meshuggah’s skill as musicians and how well they work their … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 55: Tomorrow is a Very big day

Tomorrow is a very big day for me, for two equally important reasons. The first is that it is my seven-and-one-half years anniversary with the company I work for. It’s a pretty big thing for me as I never planned … Continue reading

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Five-hundred Word Challenge 42: Just Stuff

This evening I find myself sitting here, feeling as though part of me may or may not be missing. I’m not sure as to which would be more accurate. In either event, here I currently am, sitting in front of … Continue reading

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Why I put up a Lengthy Two-part Post that Reads like a Poorly Written, Overly Emotional Journal Entry  

I have some reasons. The first and probably the most important one is that I really love to write. There’s a strong feeling of satisfaction that I get when I write something, regardless of how poorly written it is. However, … Continue reading

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