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People Protesting Abortion Clinics Pisses me off

Usually when I’m working in the mornings and I’m walking up to work I get to pass a bunch of people who appear to be praying. They’re usually quite fervent with their praying and at what they are praying toward … Continue reading

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The Republicans Won. It Happens.

If there’s anything that the recent election showed, it’s that you can say almost anything you want to say; it’s unlikely that it will stop you from being elected. Funnily enough, we had something similar during the federal election in … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 137: Sand

Well, it’s an evening. That’s really a surprising thing to… something. Almost as if a transverse sky has reached out to caress the ocean, the sand has risen in waves to caress the populace, pushing outward, upward, and forward unto … Continue reading

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