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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 556: Eyes Scream

There’s a lot of land to cover, but my eyes are screaming for a little bit of distance. They want to eject themselves from my face and get away and sit in a corner for a while. They just want … Continue reading

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The Flight Back

On the flight back from Melbourne I took a number of shots from the window. I’m not sure what specifically was causing it but most of the shots would have a slight colour warp in certain parts. Here’s a photo … Continue reading

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Wing Over Melbourne

I’ve shared this one as I think that it serves as a good counterpoint to the last one. A shot taken whilst heading back to Sydney would probably work as a better counterpoint, but that can come later. The ground … Continue reading

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Wing Over the Sunrise

This was taken shortly after the flight from Sydney to Melbourne commenced. The sunrise casts its glorious light upon the sea of clouds below the plane that travels along the air currents for the completion of a journey. I think … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 457: Back From Melbourne

Well, I have returned to the ugly city that is known as Sydney. I guess that that is a little unfair, but Sydney isn’t exactly the best of cities. Melbourne was fun, as it usually is. There was some stuff … Continue reading

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Land Beneath the Wing

Take whilst heading out to Avoid Island. Not the best of photos that I’ve taken, but I do think the different shades and textures work well with each other. This is my submission into Leanne Cole‘s Monochrome Madness this week. … Continue reading

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I do not Enjoy Flying

First time writing a post on my phone for a while. I was hoping to have a five-hundred word challenge written up about flying, or airports, but instead it was not to be. Flying: I do not enjoy it. Scares … Continue reading

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