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Once More, a Customer Service Story

So today I’m writing about customers once more which may be tiring to some of you, but they keep giving me things to write about, so I’m going to keep writing about them… for the time being, at least. Yesterday … Continue reading

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Departure at Southern Cross

A photo of people leaving the train. This was taken at Southern Cross Station. My partner and I were heading back to where we were staying. We had been visiting some of my family. I guess that this photo does … Continue reading

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Afternoon at St Kilda Beach

My partner and I walked by the beach at St Kilda after having lunch in the area. Even though it was a little cold, the weather was “cooling” further. This may have to do with it being winter when these … Continue reading

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Leaving the Tram

This was taken shortly after arriving at Southern Cross Station. This image shows people departing from a tram. As you can see, the motion that they make with their legs suggests movement in a direction through the medium of walking. … Continue reading

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Rant About Something Said at University

So I’m back at university which is fun. Well, aside from the starting to stress when I was going online to access course stuff which seemed to be more of an indicator to stop and get out of there, being … Continue reading

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Not There for the View

So here’s a photo of some people looking out and some people looking at their phones. Perhaps they just wanted more relaxing scenery rather than something out there that reminds us of how small we are and how lucky we … Continue reading

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Bondi Beach in the Shade

Well, it’s Bondi Beach mostly covered by shade due to it being the afternoon. I think that in this instance the view here is nice, but that mostly has to do with the different groups of people as well as … Continue reading

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