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Trip II, Trip III

I think. It might be Trip I and either II or III. This was seen at Scuplture by the Sea. It is by April Pine. A great sculpture that has a good display of form and motion. I hope you enjoy. Advertisements

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 327: A Horse Named Schrog

Once upon a time, in a land far from where I am currently sitting there was a horse named Schrog. Schrog was a noble horse of grand stature. Well, at least that is what Schrog was considered to be, for … Continue reading

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An Angry Essay that I Wrote

There was an arbitrary adding of uni work last week for one of my subjects which left me feeling angry which came through in the essay that I had to write as the essay in question was the arbitrary addition … Continue reading

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Once More, a Polemic Related to Public Transport.

Like many people in Sydney, I feel disgruntled about the idea that some of the transport services are going to be operating semi-privatised. Well, like some people in Sydney, as most people don’t seem to care anymore. I’m disgruntled by … Continue reading

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Morning Swim

Ewe and I went for our first early morning swim at a beach since the last time we went for an early morning swim at a beach. The last time was earlier in the year. It was a nice view. … Continue reading

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Visiting Myspace

So a while ago I went to Myspace for the first time in many a year and then wrote about it because that seemed like a good thing to do at the time. It probably wasn’t, but I was getting … Continue reading

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On the Same Sex Marriage Plebiscite

Recently the vote form for the same sex marriage plebiscite commenced the process of being sent out to everyone. It’s stupid. It’s stupid because it’s a waste of everyone’s time and the government doesn’t necessarily have to act out on … Continue reading

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