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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 586: Coffee, Ocean

The coffee is entering my body through the mouth of which it liquid is accepted via, and as such it will enter me, but it will not swirl around. It will not swirl around in the way an Ekman spiral … Continue reading

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A View from Sugarloaf Point

This was taken earlier in the year during what was hopefully the last time I spend time at Smith Lake for a field trip. Now that I think about, it was a pretty decent field trip, but I digress. Here … Continue reading

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Writing About William Forsythe’s Alignigung

One of my subjects this trimester is “Reviewing the Arts”. We’ve writing exercises during our tutorials. This one involved writing as much as we could within an allotted time (fifteen minutes) based on a choice out of four pieces of … Continue reading

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Boomerang Beach

A shot from the most recent field trip. You can see how massive the waves are compared to everything else. It’s a large beach, so I think that in this shot large waves are appropriate. I didn’t have the filter … Continue reading

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Port Kembla and Suburban Surrounds

This shot was taken at Mount Keira. The light fog kind of makes the image a bit faded, but only a bit. I think this does a good job of showing different forms of land use over a short distance. … Continue reading

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Blow Hole Point

I need to get out and do some more photography. I haven’t done any since returning from the field trip a few weeks ago. I think it’s due to a lens breaking. Don’t know why I mentioned that, but I … Continue reading

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Suspended Sediment Among Breaking Waves

Kind of a companion shot to this one. The sediment being moved around blends in well with the water, as well as the rocks above the water’s surface. The breaking waves are more spread out and almost seem to be … Continue reading

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