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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 232: The NSW Government is Considering Removing Part of the Royal National Park in Order to Extend a Motorway

Recently it was brought to my attention that the state government of New South Wales was looking to extend a motorway that would allow for more traffic to run from the south of New South Wales into Sydney and the … Continue reading

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Whilst Ewe and I were in the Royal National Park heading to Bundeena, we came across an area that had a fence around it. There was some theorising about why the fence was there, but it didn’t lead to a … Continue reading

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Sunlight on the Ocean

Here’s another photo from when I recently walked through the Royal National Park with Ewe. In this shot, my favourite beach can be seen. The water feels really clean, the surf is usually strong and it’s fairly secluded. I think … Continue reading

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Escape from Bundeena

It had been a long, long walk, but Ewe and I had finally reached our destination; a location where we would safely be carried across the vast expanse of water to a location where a train could be caught. That … Continue reading

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Getting Lost in Westfield

I really do not like shopping centres. I think they serve a purpose, but I do not enjoy being in them. This is a story about being in one. There was a raffle at work on Friday. It was free … Continue reading

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