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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 401: Return from Smiths Lake and Another Thing

so I got back from the field trip which was fine and dandy. That happened on Sunday. Didn’t have much sleep the night prior, but I managed to somehow stay awake and get off the bus at Hornsby (which was … Continue reading

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Spider and Mosquito

Whilst at Smiths Lake I saw a large mosquito stuck against a wooden structure. It was twitching as a spider worked its way around. I guess, in a way this image tells a “Story” between two organisms. This is my … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 108: A few Things That Aren’t Necessarily Connected (I Think)

I’m glad that WordPress is working for me again, as yesterday I wanted to post and I couldn’t, yet now I can, so I’m much happier, although now I feel slightly behind as there are things I want to write … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 92: Mosquitoes

Of all the things that will get me writing faster than anything else I can think of, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes is probably, the greatest, most powerful motivator. You see, I do not like getting my blood drained by … Continue reading

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Here’s a poorly written story I wrote a few weeks back. It is partially based on one evening when there were a lot of flies inexplicably in the living room and kitchen that had to be dealt with over two … Continue reading

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