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Ups and Downs: The Sky’s in Love With You Review

Ups and Downs have a new album out called The Sky’s in Love With You, so here’s a review. The new album from Ups and Downs sees the band release something that sounds like a continuation without sounding as though … Continue reading

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Melvins: A Walk With Love & Death Review

Melvins are a band that have not been known to do anything other than what they want to do; something that has lead to some great pieces of music, as well as some pieces that can be passed over. Due … Continue reading

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A Friend

So I was going to write about a child at university who doesn’t like me for some reason beyond my understanding because I have no idea as to what I’ve done or said. The only reason I can think of … Continue reading

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The Republicans Won. It Happens.

If there’s anything that the recent election showed, it’s that you can say almost anything you want to say; it’s unlikely that it will stop you from being elected. Funnily enough, we had something similar during the federal election in … Continue reading

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Good Morning all!

I was going to talk about my ex again this morning and how much I love her and want to hold her and tell her all things I want to tell her but don’t feel I should. However, I decided … Continue reading

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I Still Miss Her

I’m trying hard to keep it together and continue on with life. Really hard. In the morning when I wake up I still expect my ex to be there, but she isn’t and I then I feel sad. Why am … Continue reading

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I’m going to be early to work today. It’s been a few weeks since I was last able to say that. Maybe I should remain consistent instead. Yoga is going well. So is parkour. Both are getting easier as time … Continue reading

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