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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 374: That is the Hope

Here I am. I am here. At work of course. It is far more quiet than I expected that it would be, but such is the way of things when you are at work and there are no calls to … Continue reading

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The Church: Man Woman Life Death Infinity Review

It has been a long and somewhat “illustrious” run for The Church, managing to outlast many of their contemporaries by a significant amount of time. Still releasing albums and touring regularly, The Church do not seem to be showing signs … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 264: I Need to Shave

I need to shave. Too much of my face right now has been eaten by the tyranny of beard. It is a horrible experience. Where is my chin? What has this beard done to my chin? Why is it creeping … Continue reading

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Shark Jumps onto Boat, Fisherman Handles it Well

Somewhere on some body of water that was part of the ocean, there was a 73-year-old man fishing. Whilst he was fishing, a shark jumped onto the boat, which is somewhat surprising. It thrashed about a bit and the man … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 144: On the Kim Kardashian Robbery

As most know, recently Kim Kardashian was robbed whilst in France. At least, I think it was France. It might have been another country, but I’m going to stick with France as that sounds like it was the country that … Continue reading

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The Poetry of Poor Translation

So I received an email at work the other day and it was in Chinese. I’m not sure as to which form of the language.. I ran it through a translator and ended up with the below result. I imagine … Continue reading

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Gymea Lily

This was taken during one of the walks around the area I did recently. I took a picture of this as, whilst I have gone past it many times, I hadn’t noticed it being where it was. I imagine that … Continue reading

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