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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 421: I’d Rather Be

Man, it’s cold. Woman, maybe it is not cold. Well, there’s your introduction to this post. Maybe there is another introduction hidden within the chosen words, but that is hard to tell at this moment for I have already moved … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 409: Houses, Hills, Roads, Cars

There is a little bit of dew on the window that leads to the outside world outside of this attic, and it is a little bit cold, and I am sitting here trying to do something, but not really, for … Continue reading

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Complaining About People at Work Complaining

This morning is going to be another complaint about people at work because I can. When I started working this ┬ámorning I was unfortunate enough to overhear people complaining about them not having the ability to circumvent their doing their … Continue reading

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Some Poem About Relaxing and Watching Clouds

Here’s something I┬ácame up with a few minutes ago. It feels a bit forced, but the imagery is nice. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. —— Clouds drift on by against a sky hung in the afternoon Laying back in the … Continue reading

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