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About the Fires Currently in Australia

Well, it is once more a day at work and it’s looking as though it is going to be a fairly quiet one. This is what I’m hoping as there are things to do and there are concerns to address, … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 434: Form Assessment

Sitting down to sort through their papers, the person of this particular story felt some sort of amounting pressure that could not be ignored. The pressure was bubbling up from behind the lid, but this was not a time for … Continue reading

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Rant About People Getting onto a Bus

So the other day I was catching a bus. I cannot remember as to why I was catching the bus. I was probably heading to work. I imagine that that was indeed the case. I was catching the bus to … Continue reading

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Once More, a Polemic Related to Public Transport.

Like many people in Sydney, I feel disgruntled about the idea that some of the transport services are going to be operating semi-privatised. Well, like some people in Sydney, as most people don’t seem to care anymore. I’m disgruntled by … Continue reading

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More Cycling-Related Ranting

So earlier today I was writing about stuff. I don’t know. It wasn’t that interesting. I ended up losing the timer and decided to discard it because I decided that I wanted to write about something else instead. The thing … Continue reading

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Another Customer Service Rant

I like working in customer service. There are other things I’d rather do for a job, but as far as working as a customer service rep goes, I think it’s something good in which to work. It’s not the best … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 93: Something About Feelings (I Think)

What a day. What an absolute day of a day.It was a day where I had far too much caffeine as I needed to do something to somehow offset the lack of sleep I had last night. I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

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Problem 7: Communication Breakdown

I wouldn’t communicate about my issues and insecurities. I wouldn’t talk about my general feelings a lot of the time either, pretending a lot of things were fine. Continue reading

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Problem 5: Game the Day Away

Who enjoys gaming? I know I do! I enjoy it so much that I can spend most of my waking hours gaming. Multiple days in a row, given the opportunity. I’ll even skip on studying if it means I can … Continue reading

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