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Ranting About Leaving Rubbish Behind and not using a Toilet Properly

Yesterday I was at the UNSW library in one of the rooms. I was in one of the rooms as I had booked it for my group (well, we all booked it but I booked the first two hours as … Continue reading

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Pictures from the Fourth day in Miyajimaguchi

Yet even more pictures from Japan! I remembered that, instead of turning around when the road was closed, I followed the road that went up a hill for a few minutes before deciding against continuing further. Just thought I’d mention … Continue reading

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A Brief Storm

Recently a storm passed over my place. It wasn’t too long. I decided the best thing to do was pull my camera out and get snap happy. It was hailing hard during the storm. It could be heard quite loudly … Continue reading

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Dark Sun

Good morning all! On Thursday night I discovered (for the second time) I could apply effects to my phone camera when taking pictures. As I was going to be attempting to capture the sunrise from Sydney Harbour Bridge during Friday … Continue reading

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Not Enough Sleep

Here’s an incredibly short bit of fiction I slowly worked on recently. It’s not anything great but I find it slightly enjoyably. I wrote it as I needed to write something as all the overtime I’m doing was leaving me … Continue reading

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