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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 820: One More Thing Tonight

I think I’ve got one more thing in me tonight before I go to sleep, but I don’t know if I do, but there is only one way to find out and in the way that I need to find … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 764: It’s Fine to ask for Help

Sometimes you aren’t prepared for what comes, even if you try to prepare as much as you can. there’s only so much that you can do and there’s so much more that can and cannot happen. Such is the way … Continue reading

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One Question

Today a portion of New South Wales continues to burn. It continues to remain on fire in what appears to still be the early part of a prolonged bushfire season. Yesterday was pretty bad. A lot of the fire season … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 560: A Small bit of Life

There is an oscillation, but that’s something I’ve covered before, so instead of covering that I’m going to talk about something else instead. Across from me is a friend of mine. Let’s refer to him as… Bren. Bren works. I’ll … Continue reading

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Monday Goat

So recently I’ve decided to make a more active commitment to helping Naa however I can. There isn’t much I can actually do. However, I can attempt to make her laugh and smile because that is something I am occasionally … Continue reading

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Problem 1: Comfort in Negative Land

And if only I was talking about camera film! Once upon a time there was this guy who by some miraculous coincidence, had my name, height, voice, personality and devilishly handsome face. He was going through an unhealthy situation that, … Continue reading

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I am falling through an imploding tunnel, enclosing upon me until there is no space left. I rise from my position to find myself surrounded by a crowd enriched with societal retardation. I run from my station and push through … Continue reading

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