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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 785: Thinking, Thinking, Thinking

Thinking, thinking, thinking. Today has been a slow day, and yet it also has passed on by at a rather accelerated pace. Bit of a paradox, though not really. Anyway, That’s how this bit of writing has started. Sitting here, … Continue reading

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Beam and Plant Dream

I was walking along this walkway that was elevated pretty high up somewhere and I was having a conversation on the phone with someone. I don’t know what they were saying and I can’t quite remember as to what I … Continue reading

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A CBD of Varying Heights

Taken from a high vantage point. Specifically, the Centrepoint Tower. I think this is a slightly odd angle, but it does give a really good idea of how the buildings are layered in this part of Sydney CBD. I like … Continue reading

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Whilst in Melbourne I went to the MoMA exhibition being held at The National Gallery of Victoria. It was interesting. This was in the last room of the exhibition. I won’t explain the process or what it is related to, … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 261: There are Buildings

Buildings. There are buildings. Usually when there are buildings, there is a congregation of buildings as they bump into each other due to the lack of ability to move around easily due to them taking up all the space around … Continue reading

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