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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 754: Gardening

So a couple of hours earlier I put a small tree in a new pot. Its roots were starting to come out of the old pot it was in, so it was time to move it into something a little … Continue reading

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One Thousand Word Challenge 53: Pressure and Journeys

There’s a pressure building up inside. It’s building but soon it will see its release, but not right now as right now the pressure has to go on the journey in order tor each its release. Right now it’s just … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 647: Momentous Occasion

It’s currently cold. It’s cold inside and it’s cold outside, but it will get a bit warmer which will of course be good for drying clothes and growing plants. Today is going to be a good day; At least, that … Continue reading

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Temporary Leaving of University

So I’ve temporarily quit university. It is temporary as I will be returning to finish my undergrad at some point in the next few months. University was beginning to have a detrimental impact on my mental health. That and I … Continue reading

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Small Plant

Here’s a small plant that I saw when I was at Balls Head recently. I think that I did a decent job of capturing the detail of the plant. I like that this is the only plant of its kind … Continue reading

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Melvins: A Walk With Love & Death Review

Melvins are a band that have not been known to do anything other than what they want to do; something that has lead to some great pieces of music, as well as some pieces that can be passed over. Due … Continue reading

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The Poetry of Poor Translation

So I received an email at work the other day and it was in Chinese. I’m not sure as to which form of the language.. I ran it through a translator and ended up with the below result. I imagine … Continue reading

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