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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 572: Foot Tingles

The foot tingles and I am left but to wonder as to why I am allowing the circulation of the blood in the foot  to be cut off. Perhaps I should stop the cutting off, but I am lazy and … Continue reading

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Over the Edge

This is a waterfall near Knights Hill. Although this image is a bit busy, I still like the level of detail. I also like that even though you can’t see the water falling, it is still clear where that part … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 548: Dust in the Air

Small bits of dust hanging in the air and remain invisible until they pas through the light shining through the window and onto my face. Well, that’s what I’d like to believe. It seems that in this house they choose … Continue reading

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Shallow Flow

A photo taken near a waterfall. I took this photo as I liked the way that the flow (or at least its surface) was disturbed by the geological features underneath the surface. It highlights an interesting interaction between two natural … Continue reading

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Jacaranda mimosifolia

A beautiful, yet invasive plant species for Australia. Jacaranda mimosifolia‘s flowers bloom around this time of year, hence my ability to get the photo. At least, I think that it blooms around this time of year. Leanne Cole recently has started … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 485: A bit More Lazy Than Usual

So I was going to share something that was pretty angry last night, but I decided against it as it’s not worth the time or effort to publicly drag an office through the mud… for the time being. Depends on … Continue reading

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Primitive Calculators: Live at The Gaelic Club 24/08/2018 Review

This review has been published on Cool Try. If you do read it here, please also check it out there as there are some photos of the gig and you’d be supporting Cool Try. In the interest of journalistic integrity … Continue reading

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