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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 530: Drifting into the Clouds

It’s been a long time since I was sitting at a desk at the end of a shift and trying to beat the clock in order to get something of text written down, and now that I am attempting to … Continue reading

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Silver Gull Floating

Another photo where I played around with the processing a bit. To me, it almost looks as though the silver gull is not floating on water, but just floating there. I think that the way it has its foot is … Continue reading

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The Floating Torii

Here are some pictures of the famous torii that can be found at 厳島神社 (Itsukushima Shrine), which is on 厳島 (Itsukushima). From what I’ve read, the shrine has been destroyed a few times and the current torii hasn’t been around … Continue reading

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