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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 294: Fisher Mission

Once there was a person fishing on the ocean. Well, it may have been a river. ItĀ could have been an ocean. No, it wasn’t. It was definitely a river. Once there was a person fishing on a river there was … Continue reading

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Shark Jumps onto Boat, Fisherman Handles it Well

Somewhere on some body of water that was part of the ocean, there was a 73-year-old man fishing. Whilst he was fishing, a shark jumped onto the boat, which is somewhat surprising. It thrashed about a bit and the man … Continue reading

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Rusted Object

Here’s a photo that was taken on the same day as the last one. As I was exploring around, I saw this, so I decided to take photos. The rock I was on was a good number of metres above … Continue reading

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