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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 301: My Fan Sounds like it is Wobbling

I can hear my fan sounding like it’s wobbling, sort of. As it rotates, it very briefly makes a sound as though it is slightly off of a central axis and it is rather annoying. However,  am choosing to do … Continue reading

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A Brief Rant on Some Fans Taking Things too Far

Recently The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild came out and there was much rejoicing. It received a great deal of praise for reasons that I don’t quite know but am sure that I’ll come to know one day. Possibly. Who … Continue reading

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Zardoz fan art

I have seen Zardoz far too many times. I’m trying to work out how many right now. I lose track after eleven. I decided to do a “trace” of Zardoz for Ili today whilst i was at work, as he … Continue reading

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