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This is a picture of an eye. It belongs to my un-ex. I don’t have much to say about this photo. I like how it turned out. To me it seems rather ethereal. It was taken in 2011. Anyway, I … Continue reading

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Mild Concussion

I managed to give myself a mild concussion on Monday. My ex and I ended up walking from Coogee to Bondi Beach and we confirmed Sculpture by the Sea was on, so I was quite happy. When we were nearing … Continue reading

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General Life Updates

I had things to write about. I really did. However, I forgot. Tomorrow I’ll be seeing my ex for the fifth time since the first dinner. Five times. I’m pretty chuffed. Last time we hung out briefly and played around … Continue reading

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Dinner with my Ex (and some other things)

I’m quite good with these innovative and game changing titles. I spent a short period of today listening to some of the most droll vocal recordings I’ve heard in a long time. I wanted to spend that time outside, cycling … Continue reading

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My Attempt at making a Pug

So I tried to make a picture of a pug that looked proud for my ex. It took a bit longer than I thought it would. Here was the first attempt.                               “Rawr” I guess it looks like a pug. … Continue reading

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Ex Update

If anyone is wondering about my post from last night, I’ll probably explain it next week. I haven’t made much mention of my ex recently so I thought I’d do that now, just as a full update. We’re still in … Continue reading

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Self-inflicted Illness is a Wonderful thing

On Sunday I ate late and poorly. I had two thirds of a loaf of bread and a lot of cream cheese. I have no excuse for this. A bit later on in the day I had two lemon & … Continue reading

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