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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 682: An Ordeal That Isn’t Much of an Ordeal

It’s cold, it’s raining and I’m wearing gloves. Yes, that is a good way to start. Sitting here, doing the thing. Waiting for the shift to commence so that I can earn some coin so that I can keep on … Continue reading

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Christmas Customer Service Rant

You know, Christmas is supposedly meant to be a time of cheer and joy and all it seems to remind me of is, as I prepare myself for the onslaught that I always forget about, just how shitty people can … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 453: Begin the Meeting

“We have to get to the meeting room. Now. “Now?” “Now.” “Okay then.” I got up and followed. Many of my comrades in the office were making their way there too. It was a small office of only about forty, … Continue reading

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