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Another Rant About Train Etiquette

Trains: They’re a thing. I think that it’s safe to say that in this stage of my life, I’ve been on the train far more times than I can bother to try and count. Trains are a great form of … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 189: I Sat on Someone’s Bag

Anyone who has been reading this long enough knows that I don’t always enjoy the selflessness of commuters, especially those that I have the absolute joy of sharing public transport with when they decide to be as selfless and kind … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 126: Bus Etiquette

Things that annoy me when I catch a bus: The first is that when the bus has a lot of people on it, sometimes a good number of them are standing near the front, against the small baggage areas instead … Continue reading

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What happened to train etiquette?

I just don’t understand what could be so hard about showing some form of etiquette when on a train. Yesterday morning, I was on a crowded train whilst heading to work. The train pulls into Central as it always does. … Continue reading

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