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Pelican: Nighttime Stories Review

This is one that went up on Culture Eater today. It’s late  to go up as the album came out around four months ago. Not my best work. I don’t feel I covered enough. That said, the review has a … Continue reading

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Lovely Customer Behaviour

Sometimes I cannot believe the gall that customers have, as well as their amazingly selfish belief that the world revolves around them and that if they don’t get what they want, then it’s absolutely okay to get angry at staff … Continue reading

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Neurosis: Fires Within Fires Review

It has almost been four years since the release of Honor Found in Decay. Since then, Neurosis have completed a number of tours, including their first one in Australia, as well as other things. Now that their latest album Fires Within Fires has … Continue reading

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Here is a sculpture that was featured at Sculpture by the Sea last year. I really liked this one. It probably had to do with it featuring a whale. It’s interesting in that it’s meaning could be ambiguous or direct. … Continue reading

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