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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 522: An Itch

Got an itch that I need to scratch. Got a tail that I need to try and catch. Got things that I need to do. Got things that I want to do. Gotta try and reach and get back to … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 386: Bottom of the Well

It’s once more a race to the bottom, but this time the well extends far beyond my reach. Two days of heat and now it’s a little cooler. Supposedly it is going to rain at some point today. Personally, I … Continue reading

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Azonic: Prospect of the Deep Volume One Review

Azonic’s Prospect of the Deep Volume One is an excellent album. It has been put together quite well and sounds as meticulously thought-out as it does improvisational. Each track (especially Oblivion of the Deep) invokes strong imagery as it carries … Continue reading

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Figure-Eight Pool

Here’s two photos of the Figure-Eight Pool in the Royal National Park. The shape is interesting from a geological standpoint and I think that they make for a nice tourist attraction, but otherwise I don’t care about them. There have been … Continue reading

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Rock Fracture

Near the start of the bushwalk I did from Mount Kuring-gai to Berowra, I saw this rock fracture. Considering the size of the rock (it was massive), it’s a rather “Narrow” gap. I’m not entirely certain, but I don’t think … Continue reading

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