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…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead: Live at Manning Bar 15/08/2015 Review

This was the first live review that I did for Cool Try. It’s… well, it could’ve been better. I think the review might be a little too formal. Oh well. Learning process and all that. Some slight edits made to … Continue reading

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CHVRCH╬×S: Love is Dead Review

A more recent Cool Try review. Some parts of this review needed better fleshing out. In reading over this I’ve seen where some sentences could’ve been expanded. Oh well. I still stand by what I wrote. Other than some paragraph … Continue reading

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The Revenant Review

The Revenant is a great film that I am glad to watch. It starts off with some hunting and then an attack that some of the characters, including Leonardo DiCaprio and his son in the film, escape. Eventually Leonardo DiCaprio … Continue reading

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Dead Pigeon and Motor

It’s your standard dead pigeon and motor photo. I’m pretty sure it’s a motor. I think that in a way this is interesting as, to me, now that they are lifeless, they have something in common. Apologies for the bleak … Continue reading

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Death Hoax

The weekend ended with a death scare for me. There’s a couple I’ve known for a number of years now. They’re good friends of mine and have seen me experience a fair bit. Sadly I hadn’t spoken to them for … Continue reading

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