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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 564: Work Before the Deluge

The sound of silence lays itself thick in the air, hanging above all of those that were waiting for the beginning of their day of battling with those that make requests both reasonable and unreasonable. Tension was there. It too … Continue reading

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Christmas Customer Service Rant

You know, Christmas is supposedly meant to be a time of cheer and joy and all it seems to remind me of is, as I prepare myself for the onslaught that I always forget about, just how shitty people can … Continue reading

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Santos Owns a Clothing Store Dream

I went into a clothing store looking for cargo pants. It was a clothing store owned by Santos of Old Man Gloom. Whilst perusing I was trying to work out as to whether I should say “hey” to get him … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 425: Not as Much Time to Recharge

Ah, the evening seems to offer some sort of embrace right now. It’s been a day longer than usual and all I can see right now is what is in front of me. The mind has been stripped of the … Continue reading

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