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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 582: More Words Than Necessary

Colds mornings are always cold mornings. Well, I guess that was something that did not need to be said, but I’ve said it, so there you go. I had breakfast this morning. That isn’t out of the ordinary. I just … Continue reading

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A Brief Polemic on Sydney’s Property Market

Sydney is an expensive place to live. It’s probably far more expensive than it should be as it’s not that good a place in which to live. It’s certainly much better than most places in the world. That’s something that … Continue reading

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On Talking Over People

Conversation. It’s a powerful tool that allows us to communicate. It usually has an ebb and flow and you can gain a lot from talking with people, depending on what you talk about. Whilst I don’t like talking too often, … Continue reading

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A Conversation

A picture of two seagulls having a serious conversation. Whilst this was taken in St. Kilda, I still think it shows nature as a “Pure” thing. This is my submission into The Daily Post‘s photo challenge for this week. I … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 116: Staring out a Window

“And once again, as the weeks pass by, we see Wednesday for what it is; Another day in the field needed to be crossed to achieve some sort of victory.” At least, that is what the person thought as they … Continue reading

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A Crab with big, Beefy Arms

Here is a picture I made in 2010. I think it was 2010. It may have been 2011. I wasn’t going to upload this anywhere, but then I got an idea, so now it is here! It doesn’t look that … Continue reading

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Five-hundred Word Challenge 6: On Dreams

Today I’m doing the challenge on my lunch break and as I don’t have access to WordPress on my work pc I have to pay more attention to all that I’m writing. Quite frankly, I don’t find that too exciting. And … Continue reading

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