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Cloud Nothings: Last Building Burning Review

This Review can also be found on Culture Eater. Please check out the site and see what other people are contributing. Anyway, here’s the review. —– Last Building Burning commences by tipping its hand immediately. Outside of what you hear … Continue reading

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Cloud Cover on Dawn’s Horizon

A photo taken recently, as it were. With this one, I like that the ocean is both distinct and ambiguous toward the horizon line. It both blends in and stands out the closer the the horizon it is. I like … Continue reading

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Cumulus Meets Cirrus

Two forms of clouds in one photo. Who would’ve thought? A relaxing photo showing clouds in motion, drifting across the blue canvass to create images and patterns. I hope you enjoy.

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Monday is a Wonderful Thing

Of sense, there is none, or that is at least what I just thought to myself, but as it floats off like things we perceive as floating, it is gone, away from my grasp, unless it decides to float back … Continue reading

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Clouds Carry the Morning Light

First morning of the recent field trip to Smiths Lake. I like the colour of the clouds in this one. It’s soft and warm and seems to add a bit of depth to the clouds as they billow outward. The … Continue reading

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Low Cloud Takes the Tower

So here’s a photo that I took of Centrepoint Tower during some low clouds hanging over the city. I think that it makes the tower look a little more ominous and unsettling… kind of. I like the way that the … Continue reading

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From Darling Harbour

I think that this is one of the better cityscapes that I’ve taken. I think that in this shot the buildings almost look as though they’ve been cut from another photo and pasted over this one. I like that they … Continue reading

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