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One Thousand Word Challenge 97: Lengthy and Aimless Ramble

Feeling tired and all of that other stuff, so it is once more a time for a lengthy and aimless ramble. Don’t know where I’m going but I’m following the proverbial road and where that leads might just be into … Continue reading

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Anamanaguchi: Helix Nebula

I heard “Helix Nebula” a while ago and managed to get my hands on it. Only isten to it on occasion as it’s a song that I forget about then remember and play again. Well, that is until the last … Continue reading

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A Poem About Stretching

I tried to write this as quickly as I could. I think it shows in the phrasing. Perhaps there is a good idea in this and I should work on it and try and improve it, but if I do … Continue reading

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Sunrise Crane

When I arrived at Hurstville the other morning I had a few minutes to kill, so I went to a rooftop parking area to catch some of the sunrise. I saw this and felt a strong desire to take a … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 637: Writing About an Album

This has a strong rising feel this particular song, but ultimately it doesn’t seem to go anywhere. It’s just a nice break, I guess. Maybe it’s meant to mean or represent something, but it doesn’t really go anywhere. Maybe it’s … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 512: Very Sudden for Them

Scaling and oscillating around itself whilst also moving upward, outward, inward, and downward, circular and yet never meeting despite passing through like spirits on the streets and rubbing the shoulders with the grass on the fields and watching it all … Continue reading

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Lens-artists photo challenge #15: Crane in Bondi Junction

Once more, a photo of the region in Sydney known as Bondi Junction. I don’t know how it is with other cities, but Sydney feels like a continuously “Changing” place. It probably has to do with all the cranes that … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 416: The First Three Songs off of California Hotel

How much more of a solo could inhibit this song that is currently playing? Probably a lot more, if that was indeed a question that needed to be asked. However, it certainly does slide along quite well with the sounds … Continue reading

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Barangaroo Construction

In this photo we can see work being done to develop the Barangaroo area. How droll. I kind of like the scene, although it seems to be a little too dark and a little too bright in places. I like … Continue reading

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Light Construction

This one was taken yesterday whilst walking around Alexandria. I think that this will be office space, but only time will reveal what this construction becomes. I like the scaffolding pattern, as well as how the two cranes seem to … Continue reading

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