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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 773: The Shoes

Jaunty sounds carry the shoes to wherever they go. Worn out, but steady and still going they were indeed the shoes of one who has walked more than they have not walked on any given day, depending on how you … Continue reading

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Rant About People Getting onto a Bus

So the other day I was catching a bus. I cannot remember as to why I was catching the bus. I was probably heading to work. I imagine that that was indeed the case. I was catching the bus to … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 365: I Think I Missed Cycling

So today, after a fair bit of procrastination, I finally hopped back onto my bike and took off to the direction in which my work lies, for I have not cycled in a fair while and I really wanted to … Continue reading

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Octopus! The Most Mysterious Creature In the Sea Review

Katherine Harmon Courage, I read your book. It sucked. Why are there two chapters dedicated to catching and eating octopuses? Why is it there? Catching might have something to do with the “mysteries” of the creature, but what the hell … Continue reading

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