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Cataract Dam

What I like about this shot is how out of place the dam appears to be. From the angle of the shot it appears as though its end is rather sudden no matter which way you go. The photo gives … Continue reading

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The Space Between the Barrier and the Stage

I was shooting a gig on Saturday. I like looking at the space between the stage and the barrier. I think that it’s interesting as there’s obvious reasons for the barrier’s existence, but it creates something like a disconnect between … Continue reading

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IPCC Climate Change Announcement and Report

So recently the IPCC made an announcement regarding climate change. Well, it was an announcement and a report. You can find the report here. I suggest reading over it if you can, or at the very least looking over the … Continue reading

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Five-hundred Word Challenge 35: Forcing Myself to Write

Here I find myself once again at the end of a shift where I have worked overtime. Once again I find myself not feeling hungry but at the same time feeling hungry and now I’m writing gibberish. I’m currently forcing … Continue reading

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