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One Thousand Word Challenge 98: Good Time to Complain

It is hot and it is warm and that is the way that this evening will be. Once more I am writing late into the evening, but this time I might find the energy to not go too late and … Continue reading

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A Poem Kind of About Fatigue

Rather tired at the moment and this is the result of trying to push through that being tired. I hope you enjoy. — I am trying to find the words To try and express what I want Try, try try … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 818: Late in the Afternoon

And so it finally begins, late in the afternoon, and it is the time where I race off into the distance and hope that somehow I pass the finish line with little to no issue whatsoever. Whether this does happen … Continue reading

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An Issue that Bothers me

There’s something that’s been bothering me a fair bit in recent times. It’s the amount of focus that refugees have been receiving. To be specific, it’s the focus on their plight that has been bothering me. Before anyone grabs their … Continue reading

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