Five-Hundred Word Challenge 216: The Expanse Around Me

Another day with amazing views. Another day of assignment work.

Another day of being much further away from the ground than I usually am, and I am fine with that.

There is a concrete expanse in almost every direction I can see. Trees are many, and yet in between, above and below them do buildings of great construction dominate the view that is available. Almost a maze of architecture, rigid angles and urban domination surround my location and it seems to be an okay thing right now.

There is a clear view of mountains in the far distance. Mountains that I would not normally be able to see had I been on the ground at this given point in time.

Clouds are many, and yet they do not take over the sky. Instead they share it with the blue and the sun, allowing for a feeling of openness that is not normally found when in the shade of buildings on the ground.

There is a conflicting sense of calm and suffocation when looking out at the urban landscape. It is calming in that a wide expanse of view with a far-reaching horizon is available, with everything seeming still and quiet. It is suffocating as, despite how much it makes Sydney look appealing, it is still an artificial construct that we all seem to accept as being natural that stretches out and hides nature far greater than it should.

It is the afternoon and the sun is slowly making its way out to the west, where it shall go under the horizon to have a brief respite before it must rise from the east once more. The light is warm and the shadows are gradually stretching out until they cover everything. It is still a while before they manage to complete this task, but it can be seen happening right now.

Still, the urban sprawl appears calmer than usual, the air is a little nicer and the view is still appreciable. It is as pleasant as it is beautiful and, in spite of all the noise of traffic underscoring the area underneath my location, There is a sense of quiet.

The sun is caressing my face, arguing that right now it would be better to stop working on assignments and enjoy the view, and for a few minutes it may be right. However, I must persist, regardless of how much it is shining light into my face.

Soon I shall go on a break again, to take more photos of that which is around me. However, now is the time to sit in front of the computer and deprive myself of the pleasantries of this higher view of the urban sprawl around me, despite it being no more than a few steps away from where I am sitting.

Right now, I am disconnected from the world that feels far beneath my feet, and yet, I remain attached and a part of the land that surrounds me, as it has always been.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 09:34:30

So I was aiming to write something a little more sensible and grounded than the past few things that I’ve put out recently, and I would like to believe that I was quite successful.

I would also like to believe that this is also a bit more poetic than most of my writing.

Written in Redfern,

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 215: I Knew a Man Named Carl

Well, here I am sitting at the precipice of the mind of panic and success, all models now working in the assignment that I need them to work for and success is only a blink away, and yet I am in a positioning where I could throw it all away and start again.

Such is the way of things and the way of things are… I don’t know.

What I know right now is that I’m most likely reaching that point where thoughts congeal into some sort of amorphous thing as the semester is approaching its end.

On the plus side, as the gibberish-related writing increases, so does the success, somehow.

I don’t know how, but somehow it does.

So, today I was working on the group assignment with my group in an apartment that was on the top floor of a building.

The view were amazing, so I took a bunch of photos.

Other than that, there was a little bit of work completed. Probably not as much as I had hoped, but that is usually the way that these things happen to happen.

I know that there’s going to be a lot more completed tomorrow, because I’ll have to definitely complete more of it tomorrow in order to ensure there’s little to do on Monday when it is due, or I’ll be tearing my hair out whilst waxing a bison.

I think that, in hindsight, had I worked more on this assignment sooner, I would have less to do now.

I’m pretty sure that that makes sense.

I can only imagine that there will be a lot to do tomorrow. It will be really busy. There will be more photos of the surrounding suburbs taken as it really was a lovely view to experience. I don’t think that there will be as much photography as I would hope for, but you can’t win them all.

Hard work is important in this assignment, lest I don’t want my group or myself to succeed.

Still, photography is enjoyable and more satisfying than working on assignments.

Well, sometimes it is more satisfying than assignments.

Sometimes it really is more satisfying to not leave myself in a state of panic due to finding other, more enjoyable things to do, because something something something.

I don’t know what else to say, so the rest of this will be random strings of words put together in some pleasing manner, I hope.

When a hat makes sure you are tapping your way through your taxes whilst underwater in the sand, make  sure that the precarious dint that you have always never known is winking handsomely at the flamingo of the pumice cake.

There was once a cat that somehow did something that gave rise to an action potato when the wind was blowing forty times to the east from the space of the face that we all try to race and then the cat blew up.

I knew a man named Carl, except I didn’t.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:55:00

I forgot to include this bit when I put this up last night.

I don’t know why I wrote this. I think I was trying to write some more because I felt like it, but I didn’t have much to go on, so the above ended up being the results.

Written in Redfern.

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Approaching Erskineville Station at Night

Another long exposure train sot.

I’m really happy with how this one turned out due to how well-defined the train is, despite being a lengthy beam of light.

I like that it gives an idea of how much brightness it gives to the immediate area, as well as how it contrasts with the other side of the tracks.

I hope you enjoy.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 214: I was Writing and Stuffed up

So I was writing in between calls today, starting and stopping as I assisted customers because it’s a bit difficult to hammer on the keyboard about stuff that has nothing to do with work when I’m at work doing work.

I accidentally reset the timer, so now I am starting again. However, I am rather sad about the loss, for it was this wonderfully rambling polemic that went nowhere. It was grand in its scope and pure in its meaninglessness and I might just have it at the very end of this post.

It contained a beauty that, despite my attempts to grasp and control, would continually slip and become as amorphous as it was defined.

It would change in front of me, becoming and unbecoming as it got away, forever out of reach yet always within my range, continuously mercurial and something that cannot be perceived with open eyes of mediating business.

But of course, as all things are to be, sooner or later it would not and as the time was lost on me, it had disappeared almost as quickly as it had appeared and all I was left  with was an incomplete writing and a fleeting memory of what could have been, as well as the reality of what shall never be.

Perhaps it was meant to be that way. Perhaps it is complete in its incompleteness and is beautiful simply because it shall never be finished.

Beauty can be found in something that is frayed, damaged, unfinished, or ruined. There is beauty all around us in these kinds of things and to imply otherwise is to not see the world around us due to the seeming willingness to remain closed off from a world of reality and possibility that is is only bound by how much you are willing to experience that which is around you.

Of course, I could be completely incorrect. However, I am never incorrect.

All those times are part of a side story, so they don’t count.


So I wrote this thing and then I lost the time which lead me to starting all over again, which is why I am writing this now. I don’t know how this will compare until I decide to have this finished. Whether that be at five-hundred words, or one-thousand words, I am not sure right now.

All I know is that I’m going as fast as I possibly can so I can get to the end so I can post the thing that I was writing before so everyone can see as to how I used words in a way that could be seen as being completely and utterly ridiculous, although some might see it as being wonderful.

Sometimes words are best used without any specific meaning in mind, better for the sound and the way that they connect with each other, or for the imagery that they conjure.

Sometimes words are just words, as they don’t have meaning until meaning is added.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:40:37

So I have no idea as to what I’ve written and I don’t care to find out.

I think that the bit of writing that this was going to be was better, somehow.

Here it is:

After finishing work last night, heading home to sleep and then waking up to come to work once more, I am now at work once more.

Well, as we all know, the hungriest caterpillar is the hungriest until there is nothing left to eat.

I am sitting here, waiting for the work to fly through at some sort of enigmatically fast pace that can only leave me wondering as to what it is that I’m doing, forever somehow confused on the phones as I keep using the wrong greeting for the time of day that I am inhabiting at that given moment, then correcting myself and making the customers laugh because they find my confusion amusing but they don’t know that I am so lost within myself that I am falling and tumbling through an infinite void of impossibility, slowly yet surely coming into ym own skin as I become the ultimate version of myself, or something to similar effect.

All I know right now is that I haven’t shaved in a week or more., I’m at work, I’m writing and sitting here whilst going through the process of writing and there is someone outside somewhere in the world who may or may not be wearing pants, which is something that I cannot confirm.

Perhaps this person is both wearing pants and not wearing pants and the state of their pants wearing is simultaneous until they are viewed, whch woyuld then lead to one state being erased from existence in that particular point in time whilst the other one reigns superior to everything because that’s the way thtat things work, I think.

I don’t know. I’m only a male.

Anywaym with all of that being said, I think that it’s fair to say that right now I would rather be looking out onto the ocean, the salt air licking my face as the waves crash around and underneath me.

Looking out, watching the horizon subtly change as the day passes by and various colours caress the canvass of the sky until all is dark and all that I would have to illuminate that which is around me is the light cast off the moon and the stars that watch from above, slowly moving around.

Sadly it ended before I could complete the sentence.

Oh well.

Written at work.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 213: There’s Mention of a Cucumber Somewhere in This Text

I have about five minutes to finish the shift and I need to get this done before I go so I’m going to try and summarise everything as fast as I can, but I’m not sure as to how successful I’ll be.

It’s a really tight time limit, but sometimes you can achieve things when you work really hard, or at least smartly, sometimes.

So here I am, typing like a maniac when the day has been as busy as it possibly could be as it decided that it did not want to give me an easy time, therefore making me sweat in the pits of my arms as the intensity of determination increased tenfold. It increased  tenfold multiple times and there was great deliberation over the navels of our callow youths.

I went up some stairs, through some doors, out doors, not actually literally through doors but through doorways, down some stairs, up and down some elevators, onto seats, off seats, and elsewhere to beyond.

There was a point where I was walking to a bus stop and all I could do was walk at a pace of my choosing as I needed to catch a bus to get to work as I was at university before heading to work. At one point there was the obtaining of lunch. I ate it. It was merely acceptable.

There was another point where I took some calls and spoke to customers. This happened multiple times and it was whilst at work, as I speak to customers whilst I am at work.

Sometimes I wonder when I will become a bird and travel in the sea that is the sky, gliding my way around the spherical planet that is our Earth, as if it was a cube then the glide would be more angular at times and I would not be able wear a hat as it would not longer be something seen as fashionable and instead be seen as uncouth.

Then I would be forced to face the awful truth of the almighty, all-knowing cucumber that would be forced to make me look into myself whilst I rapidly bang away on this keyboard and think of banging away on this keyboard. My fingers are hammers and the keys are the roads onto which I drive down on my vehicle of motion that takes me to destinations beyond the knowing of the bed and pillow that eats my face as I wretch and wretch and wretch up a salad of considerable desire.

Why am I still here? I’ve finished for the evening.

Oh, of course. It’s  the bricks that my feet are currently tied to.
they’re full of rockets and those rockets sing to me whilst I sing to them, but if the rain doesn’t stop watering the house then I’m going to have to enter a serious rap battle and make milk from the clay of my heart.

Then I shall turn around and make a waffle of dark red hues.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 06:24:33

Whilst I was wrapping up at work, I (probably) thought that I had to write something, which is certainly how this could be described.

Written at work.

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Tree and Sea

Here’s another shot that was taken whilst in the Royal National Park last year.

I’m not sure as to why I didn’t share this sooner.

I like how all the branches on the tree are spread out, seemingly complex yet simply.

I also like the varying colours and textures in the shot.

I hope you enjoy.

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On the Recent Announcement of Sydney Bus Routes being Privatised

Recently the current N.S.W. transport minister known only as Andrew Constance, in a move that seemed as though the government was throwing all of its toys out of the pram in order to teach us all a lesson (or something) because it decided that juvenile knee-jerk reactions were far better than actually openly addressing issues, decided to announce that, after the amount of complaints received last year from users of the bus network in the inner west, the inner west bus routes were going to be privatised, although the fares and routes were still going to be controlled by the government.

In response, it was shown that private buses received more complains in the last year than state-operated buses.

From there, a number of bus drivers went on a twenty-four hour strike despite it being deemed illegal by the Industrial Relations Commission.

It caused a lot of issues, but it’s hard to blame them.

Despite assurances of contract extensions and that more jobs would be created due to Sydney’s expansion, they went on strike because their holding their jobs was thrown into limbo as private bus services have no obligation to keep staff on when the contract switches over.

It may not have been a good knee-jerk reaction to a knee-jerk reaction, but I find it difficult to condemn the strike.

Andrew Constance had no difficulty condemning the reaction, although in reading how Andrew Constance talks, it would seem that he has no difficulty condemning any action that he does not deem as appropriate.

Hew could have opened dialogue before the strike became a thing and begun speaking with transparency.

However, he did not and instead used a a tactic that was far too common: he put all the blame on the unions and the Labor party.

Not only did he do this, but he decided that it would be best to be as unprofessional in his language as possible and spout what would appear to be guilt trips.

Now I’m not sure what privatizing the bus routes will bring. There’s no guarantee that it will make the services better. It might be a good action, but at the moment all it does is make the government look like they aren’t interested in looking at what is causing the issues and working to rectify them. If the privatisation goes ahead and the private bus companies end up doing a much better job, it makes the transport minister, and by extension the government, look incompetent in their ability to manage public assets.

A strike may not have been the best way to go about things, but to reveal that you may be unfit for your position in the state government, both in speech and action is far worse.

It does not endear people to someone who may be trying to get them passed off as one of the people. All it does is garner disrespect.

Some people may look at this and say that the people of the inner west are privileged and that’s fine. They’re allowed to think whatever they want to think, despite it not being about  privilege at all. It’s about the state government mismanaging public assets and then deciding to have them privatised, which is not what  people have asked for because people don’t want to see what is rightfully theirs sold.

I don’t think that the government remembers that they are the employees of all citizens; even those that don’t vote for them. I think that citizens forget this as well.

It is the governments responsibility to be as transparent as possible with its plans and follow the will of the people. People were passing on feedback in their complaints. They weren’t asking for bus services to be privatised. What the state government has announced could be seen as a betrayal of the trust put into them.

I’ve had a colleague of mine suggest that this could lead to the reduction of public transport services if they are revealed as being non-profitable. It seems ridiculous, but considering the track record of recent governments of N.S.W, it’s something that may need to be considered.

The privatisation could end up being beneficial. It may not be.
Ultimately, the complaints should be addressed and attempts to rectify them should be made apparent. The most likely issue is buses running late and that will most likely have to do with traffic congestion, which can be reduced if people are provided incentive to use public transport, instead of having incentive taken away, leading to those in the outer west (as well as some in other areas) working out that it is cheaper for them to have a private motorised vehicle on the road than it is to use public transport.

Furthermore to this, the government should always be under scrutiny, regardless of how much you support whichever party is governing. They are the employees of the people. The less that criticism and dissatisfaction is displayed and fed through to them, the less that they will be willingly transparent and representative of the citizens over which they govern.

Edit: I need to note that some of the services in the south of Sydney are going to be privatised as well, which is just as much, if not more of a disappointment, than the inner west services being privatised.

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