Five-Hundred Word Challenge 297: Working on Music Once More

Right now I’m listening to a song that I recorded yesterday.

It’s really rough and still needs a lot of work, but it does resemble a song.

It’s a song that at the moment I’m feeling happy about as it’s been a fair number of months since I last recorded something.

There’s a number of reasons why, the largest being procrastination (of course).

There’s also been a lot of study that has gotten in the way, but such is study.

Over the last many months there have been the occasional… occasion… where I’ve pulled out the guitar and started playing around, coming up with something that I think would work, recorded the idea and then not returned to the idea.

I don’t know if I was in a funk, but I do know that I wasn’t working on music aside from the occasional idea and practise.

What got me to record a whole song was challenging one of my work colleagues to have something recorded by Thursday. It didn’t have to be good or bad. It just had to be something that was music.

We had from Wednesday to Yesterday. A little under two days as we could only start once we were home.

Wait. It was Tuesday. The challenge started on Tuesday.

A little over two days. I think.

Suffice to say it had to be done by yesterday.

As soon as I got home from work on Wednesday I started working on something that I had thought about doing a while ago. There was no melodic idea beyond the introduction (which, unsurprisingly I could not replicate how I thought it would turn out) and ended up with something.

Aside from a brief break to go see Ewe’s stage show, I spent most of yesterday turning what I had into a song.

From the initial idea I recorded the parts that sounded as though they were the song (as there was a lot of faffing about) and, letting the music express itself rather than dictate.

Once I had the parts I slowly worked them together throughout the day, building the drums and the bass after each section which ended up changing the song further from what I originally conceived.

I did have some idea of what I was hoping for once I began recording and some of that really came through, but even so it moved far away from how I thought it was going to sound at the start of the day.

Even near the end of just the guitar there was still work on how it would all come together.

I ended up with something that brought me back to the desire to play as much as I can, but it was not a fun process.

When the challenge started I came up with another idea that I will begin working on very soon. Whilst working on the song yesterday, I also came up with a third that I am hoping to also soon start working upon.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 10:23:15

Slow. Much slower than other recent posts.

Oh well.

I’m just glad to be working on music once more.

Written at home.

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Beam Structure

Another photo of the skeletal structure of the building that I saw.

In this photo, the beams seem to be “Layered” upon each other.

When I think about it, they are in a way, albeit with plenty of space between each horizontal section.

I like the old, almost decrepit look of the structure, as well as how in this photo it seems to form some sort of random pattern.

This is my submission into The Daily Post‘s photo challenge for this week.

I hope you enjoy.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 296: A Thing Called “Study”

Well, here I am at the end of my shift, wondering as to what I’ll do when I get home, as long as it involves study.

Well, I’m not actually wondering as to what I’ll do when I get home as I already know as to what I’ll do when I get home.

It’s no real mystery.

It involves study and learning in order to do better in the subjects that I am covering this semester of the institution of university for the university that I indeed to attend, and verily so.

It is a thing called “study”.

What is this marvelous creation of terror and pain that I have enabled to enter into my life?

I am not sure.
I do not have the answers, unfortunately.

All I know is that it leads to an incredible sense of dread as deadlines draw closer and closer, intending to engulf me and will succeed in doing so, lest I defeat them with knowledge and wit.

Do I have the wit?

Hard to say.

Do I have the knowledge?

Also hard top say.

All I know is that all I can do is try and try again until I successfully succeed in some sort of desperate attempt to struggle against the nature of reality and keep telling myself that I am a genius waiting to be born who will revolutionise something.

It’s good to have delusions of grandeur, except that it is not good to have delusions of grandeur as they are deluding and unrealistic due to being deluding.

Well, that’s all that I have to say about that.

It’s time to get back to the dreading of my future activities, for they will be long and arduous and involve many readings to be done, except I will not do them and instead listen to the lectures that are laid out in front of me.

So much to engulf, such little time.

I must build my tree and make for some strong branches of knowledge, where the learning will be as obvious as i0t will be apparent.

I must continue to endure and succeed, even if I fail, for failure still can lead to success, for you can learn for failure and the acquisition of knowledge is its own reward.

Well, that’s what I tell myself.
I’d like to believe it, so I will.

There is a lot to learn. I have a lot to do.
I think that I can do some sort of success this semester.

I do feel a little overwhelmed, but I will continue to push on, for I want to do better, so I hope that I will indeed do better.

Will I?


Too early to tell.

There is only one way for me to find out, so I will continue to push on into the night and tear my hair out, putting myself in some sort of position of cramming harder than I have ever crammed before.

Or I’ll just keep on studying.

Or something.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 05:17:98

Within the last ten minutes of work last night I decided to bang away and see what happened.

This is probably best treated as a writing exercise and not much else.

Written at work.

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A Wharf at Burrill Lake

During the mornings of the field trip, before we had to head out to do some learning, I went for a quick walk to see what was around the area in which my class and I were staying.

I like how this photo does not have entirely vibrant colours as I think it really helps enhance the scene.

I like that there are waves on the lake yet the photo still feels fairly calm.

I think that this is a simple, relaxing scene, somewhat quiet and emotive.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 295: The Carrot

It was a cold morning in which The Carrot rose to the occasion, preparing itself for something that was as daring as it was defying the conjecture that had been going o-n throughout the village of the greens.

The Carrot was an outsider and would always be considered an outsider, for it was not a green.

Despite being born there and knowing the place far better than everyone else, it was always considered by the residents as being someone who was never there from birth, instead being someone who came there without the consultation of the villagers. Someone who came there and invaded their space.

The Carrot had known more about the village than anyone else. It had also done more for the village than anyone else. It had helped the community become strong and self-reliant. Everyone relied on The Carrot to some extent, using it as though it was someone for their benefit, yet everyone refused to acknowledge its contributions to their society and wished it would go.

However, no one was allowed to leave the village without the explicit permission of the village elder, Mayor Cabbage.

Even then, on the rare occasions where permission was granted, no one was allowed to venture far, for it was a dangerous world outside and there could be no guarantee of safety.

Still, The Carrot, tired of being treated as though it never belonged despite everyone relying on it, decided that it was time to go out as far as it could, far beyond the view of their society and into a world with boundaries that remained to be explored.

It was not going to bother with asking, for every time it was rejected, despite it knowing that it could be just as beneficial to the village outside of it as it was within.

And so it set out. It had studied the gate for a long time, knowing how to open it after much trial and error, always working at a time where it would not be caught.

The gate was imposing, but The Carrot now knew its secrets and so the gate was of little issue.

At this time The Carrot did not care if someone saw it opening the gate, which is exactly what happened.

No one knew what to do.

The gate opened.

A few of the villagers, after hesitating, rushed out of the growing crowd to try and stop The Carrot from leaving, gripping it and trying to pull it down.

The Carrot refused to let them hold it back and shook them off.


“I don’t care”, said The Carrot.

It passed through the gate without fear, without hesitation.

No one followed, for they did not know what could happen if they crossed through the gate.

And so The Carrot left, disappearing from the view of the village, never to return.

The small pocket of civilisation gradually crumbled, unable to function due to relying on The Carrot for too long.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 08:11:16

I think that there was a little too much repetition in this one.

I think I was hoping to end up with something a little more up in the air, but this turned out fairly grounded.

Well, more grounded than I had expected.

Written at work.

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Departure and Arrival

Another photo taken at Redfern train station.

I think that the two trains in this photo blend together pretty well.

I like that they don’t look as they are quite there, despite obviously being in the photo.

I think that this captures their motion well.

I also think that the photo is complimented well by the contrast between the sunset and the area seen in this photo.

I hope you enjoy.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 294: Fisher Mission

Once there was a person fishing on the ocean.

Well, it may have been a river. It could have been an ocean.

No, it wasn’t. It was definitely a river.

Once there was a person fishing on a river there was then the act of fishing that was occurring on that very river where the fishing was occurring.

The river was very still on that particular day. Usually, it was moving quite fast, but in this instance, it was slower than what could be considered slow.

It was almost entirely still. It was appearing so still that the gradual drift of the boat was very difficult to notice unless viewed over a period of many hours.

The fisher was trying to catch a fish.

Not just any fish mind you, but a fish of particular fishiness.

The fisher had been trying to catch this fish for a very long time. It was not for a source of pride, not something that they could gloat about. They didn’t care about the honour and respect that catching such a fishy fish would entail. They were merely determined to catch the fish that they were looking to catch before moving on to another fish.

To them, it didn’t matter how big or small or legendary the fish that they were after was. They were just looking to catch.  After this fish, the next could be of any size or myth.

In their quest they had learned the art of patience so well that it could be said that no one came anywhere as close, for they had learned how to be still for days, only taking a quick break to eat or use a bathroom. They had learned how to sleep and yet be alert at the same time.

There were times that they would come back smelling awful, but it did not matter, for patience was their virtue and waiting for the right moment was their mission.

The fish and the fisher had been engaged in a battle that had lasted for a long time. The fish would get smarter, detecting and recognising the tricks that the fisher would use in order to lure the fish.

Hiding the hook would become more ornate and complex and techniques to detect the hook in order to get the food without getting caught became more and more careful.

It had been a long battle through many a day, week, month.

The sun had been bearing down upon the fisher that day.

Well, it had attempted to. They had remained in the shade for most of the day, knowing full well that it would make the wait be much easier to handle than being in the dry sunshine of the day.

The fisher knew that eventually someone would win the battle, but they knew not who would be the victor.

What if they caught the fish?

What then?

Would they keep it, or would they let such a worthy adversary go?

Only time would tell.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:53:79

I was writing something to similar effect at work last night, but the shift ended and I decided to head home instead of continuing to write.

I started again just a few minutes ago and then ended up with something somewhat similar.

It’s okay. I’m not sure as to what I was trying to express when I wrote this.

Written at UNSW.


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