Five-Hundred Word Challenge 457: Back From Melbourne

Well, I have returned to the ugly city that is known as Sydney.

I guess that that is a little unfair, but Sydney isn’t exactly the best of cities.

Melbourne was fun, as it usually is. There was some stuff done and not much of a lot.

I’m probably going to talk about the trip mostly through photos, or at least talk about a lot of the trip and include photos, but now is not that time, for I returned yesterday and now I am back at work and I am sitting here, waiting for my shift to start.

I am trying to write and although you will not see most of what I am seeing at the moment of writing due to my fixing them up, there are currently many errors in the spelling and in six days of not writing I seem to have slowed a considerable amount.

Oh well.

Flying. I still do not like flying. It was not a pleasant experience to fly and yet it is something that I still do for I do not like to spend a whole day on a train or a bus or a car in order to get to Melbourne, although if I were to be one who held a license that allowed me to drive unassisted, then I probably would drive the hole way as it would allow me to stop and take photo whenever I felt the urge arising.

Still, I took a number of photos whilst on the planes of which I had to be inside in order to travel through the air, so aside from finding the flying a stressful experience once more I still got some photos which may be nice.

It is a little early to tell with some of them as the processing is not complete due to the amount of photos that I took which turned out to not be the best of ideas.

I had very little self-control, it seemed.

The weather could have been better. It was rather cold.
This is not a complaint. It is an observation. The cold wasn’t exactly pleasant, but it was what it was and it didn’t deter me too much from getting out and doing things.

There were line rides, tram rides, train rides, walking. laughing, laughing, walking, eating, sleeping and laughing, but not necessarily in that order.

Now I have returned to Sydney and already I’m desiring to get away once more from the stress machine that is Sydney.

Perhaps soon it shall happen.

For now I must do the work and laugh with my friends and wander around and look for things to see that I am yet to see and continue the exploring, for Sydney is a large city and one that has many a thing hidden away if you get away from the central business district(s), which are the things that people continue to espouse as the things to check out in Sydney, which is probably a bad thing.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 06:24:30

Taking some time off was a good thing. It was very much needed.

Slowed my writing a little.

Written at work.

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Bike and Crane

This was the chosen detour location for my recent lengthy cycle.

I went there to see the tracks and got to see those as well as the cranes.

In this shot there is one crane and one bike.

I can’t explain why, but I like this photo and how it turned out.

This is my entry into Leanne Cole‘s Monochrome Madness for this week.
It’s a themed one and the theme is “seasons”.

I recommend checking out Monochrome Madness and consider participating in the event. It has a dedicated community that is worth being a part of and the event does help to make you think about your composition, among other things.

I also suggest seeing Leanne’s work outside of Monochrome Madness.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

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Boat Full of Trees

This boat is the SS Ayrfield.
It is now full of trees.

Well, it appears as such from the angle of the photo.
There may not be as many trees in the frame of the boat as there appears to be.

A great combination, I think.

We see a blending form of technology and nature appearing to be harmonious.

The trees appear to be growing strong whilst the frame rusts and changes over time.

I hope you enjoy.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 456: Looking for Something

Oh, behold!

It is that thing that I was looking for.

That is what one person said to another.

Are you sure that that is what you were looking for?
Why yes, it is.
What is it?
It is entropy!


The two people celebrated as entropy took over their lives and they slowly slipped into a pattern of lacking a pattern. It was well beyond their control and this was something that they were grateful for, for some reason.

Perhaps they were looking for a break from the monotony of the regular life and in letting one of them find what they were looking for, both of them were able to get the break that they so wanted and therefore let themselves go into a repetitive pattern of lacking a pattern and all the monotony that came with that.

Having the unpredictability was something that gradually became predictable, so one of them decided that the best course of action was to go back to working a dull job doing something that they didn’t like as that way there was a little bit more control in their lives.

The other one decided that the best course of action to take in accordance of the process of reacting was to write books, or something. No one really cared at that point. The person certainly did not, but at least they were doing something that was productive. This of course allowed them to find some more meaning in their lives beyond something that was just falling from one scene to the next and wandering around aimlessly, wondering as to what was waiting around the corner.

After a while, the job once more became something that needed to be escaped from, so the person working the job decided that it would be better to quit their job and wander the earth. The other one who was writing books got tired of writing books so instead they decided that their best course of action was to spend time swimming rather than writing.

There was a new experience for both of these two people, but of course after a while the wandering  became tiresome and swimming became a bit of a chore, so once more they hopped onto something else, followed by something else, followed by something else.

This continued on for a while.
The two people could not find something to settle upon and thus they could only continue to jump around, trying to find something that would provide a thrill for longer than just a brief period of time.

Of course, there was plenty that could have remained exciting had they bothered to get over a few hurdles, but they were not willing to devote as much time as was required to any of the things that they pursued. There was a lot out there, but it all became too repetitive and dull for them to realise the depths of which they could have explored.

Thus they both sunk into entropy without realising.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 08:26:28


A classic tale of a person writing in order to try and find something out there to write about, or something.

Written in Redfern.

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John Whitton Bridge

Well, this is a photo of a bridge.

I think that the leading lines are strong in this photo.

There’s some really strong pattern work in almost every part of the bridge and none of it seems to clash.

I think that the shot gives a good idea of the bridge’s length.

I hope you enjoy.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 455: Words are not a Good Food Source

When I started writing this evening, I thought I could get this done much faster than the current rate at which I am working.

I’m trying to get as much done now so I don’t have to do anything whilst I am on my brief holiday, but this is proving to be a bit more than I can chew.

The reason being is that I cannot chew the words that are coming from my hands as they are for reading and don’t have a physical presence beyond what is on my screen and I cannot pull them out of the screen to chew on so they are not a good food source as they are not food and therefore I cannot eat them, although I am sure that there are other things that one can eat that is not food, such as certain kinds of plastic, but then again you shouldn’t eat those certain things anyway as you’ll probably feel very ill after eating them, or you may not and you’ll be fine, but the chances are that you’d feel very ill and the last thing that you want to feel is ill after you’ve eaten something as that may lead to other things that you will feel that you don’t want to feel and you may end up with poisoning of the food variety, which is something that is not pleasant, let me tell you as I’ve had food poisoning a umber of times and it does not endear itself to me no matter how hard it tries, although it hasn’t been really bad all of the time which to me is a good thing as it means that on average the food poisoning that I get is really minor (I think), but I could be wrong about that and likely the actual case is that I always get bad food poisoning and don’t give enough of a shit to give it the attention that it wants and therefore don’t feel as bad as I should whenever I do get food poisoning, but that probably also isn’t the case and likely I just happen to get really lucky and get minor food poisoning which is something I am thankful for as it means that I can still get a lot of things done and not feel the very ill effects of food poisoning which would prevent me from cycling unless I really liked struggling through trying to dodge traffic whilst trying not to throw up all over the place which, whilst I’m sure there are some people who are a fan of, to be honest does not sound like something that is up my alley, but I digress.

I think that I can get to the end of all of this, but my fingers are probably going to hate me by the end of all of this.

Still, I probably should have gotten all of this done sooner, but at least I’m getting something done now rather than later.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:34:38

I like this one.

I think it is wonderfully stupid.

Written in Redfern.

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West Ryde Station

Where my recent lengthy cycle began.

I like how massive some of the clouds feel when compared to everything else.
Massive and relaxing.

I also like how simple, yet detailed the scene appears.

The scene feels like it is somewhere in the bush. This is probably due to all the trees.

I hope you enjoy.

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