When I took this shot, I was trying to be arty.

When I processed the shot, I still was trying to be arty.

Not too sure if I was successful, but I am kind of pleased with the result.
I shall remain pleased with the result until I improve and am no longer pleased.

The hair kind of reminds me of fire.

It’s a moody photo.
It’s also “experimental”.
Well, it probably isn’t, but considering what I’m usually doing it could be considered as such.

Not sure what else to say.

This is my submission into Leanne Cole‘s “Monochrome Wednesday” for this week.
Leanne recently resumed having a focused day for monochrome photography and is inviting people to participate.

I suggest checking out Leanne’s photography, as well as checking out what other people submit.

A lot of what people are submitting will likely end up here.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

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mewithoutYou: Pale Horses Revew

If all is correct, then this was the second review I wrote for Cool Try.

This one is better than a fair few of the reviews that came after, but there still was a lot of work that needed to be done, I think.

This one is entirely as it was when it went onto Cool Try.

My colleague and I are working on growing Culture Eater so we can cover more stuff whilst taking the pressure of continually putting out content off of ourselves; Hence our going onto Patreon.

We’re looking at what we can give to supporters as we don’t want to set up a one way relationship, so suggestions are welcome. Please consider supporting, or at least sharing the Patreon page with others.

Please also check out what our wonderful contributors are contributing.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.


I thought it would be good to start the review with a stock horse sound.

“Pale Horse” kicks off the album with relaxing guitar shortly followed by drums and mournful sounding vocals, setting the tone for most of the remaining songs.

A lot of it sounds fragile and delicate in some way or another; there’s a lot of gentle playing on the record and much of the sound is quiet in a sense.
This allows for the more intense-sounding sections to come through much stronger than they normally would. However, instead of sticking out, they end up forming a cohesive ebb and flow with the quieter sections.

At times there can be a bit too much reverb. Maybe this was done to make the songs sound more delicate and fragile than they already are but it can be distracting as it tends to stand out more than it should.

The band play quite well here. No one sounds like they’re trying to take the spotlight and everyone rises and falls in unison with each other which helps to further enhance the songs as they are overtly rhythmic. The vocals blend in well and seem to be treated more as a sound to add to the music instead of a mouthpiece to sing over the music.

With that being said, the lyrics haven’t been neglected and they sound quite decent. They seem to be poetic in nature (“All dark effects I’d long withstood / Upon my room advanced / The moving shade of Birnam Wood / Disguised by broken branch” from “Birnam Wood” is a good example) and add imagery that matches the music without coming off as ham-fisted.

Overall, Pale Horses is a good album.
Nothing comes off as overplayed or out of place and none of songs drag.
Due to its sound, it isn’t an immediate album but this gives more of a reason to keep listening to it as it doesn’t reveal itself straight away.
I’d recommend it.

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Cleared Hills

A fairly wide and open expanse.

I like the layering and the strong sense of distance.
I also like how this feels very quiet. It almost seems as though the area is abandoned.

At the time of this photo, it was apparent that the area hadn’t seen much rain. It would probably appear less dry if there hadn’t been as much vegetation removal.

I hope you enjoy.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 579: No Freeloaders Here

Well, it’s the morning.

Taking the day off from responsibility so I can look at the moisture on the inside of the room that is forming on the window. It’s a little concerning, but I’m sure that if the window is opened, then the moisture will disappear over some amount of time.

If it doesn’t disappear, then it will have to pay the rent. There are no freeloaders here. We all need to pull our weight to keep the roof over our heads, but if things were “perfect”, then keeping people housed in the name of profiteering wouldn’t be a thing.

It is a little bit dark. I do wish there was more light from the sun contained within the room of the bed, but then if that were the case I’d probably never go into the room of living and instead remain here, bashing away at things that matter not. Then again, I am constraining myself to this one room currently and there is a bed in it, so perhaps I am going to remain in the darkness. Perhaps over time I shall evolve to cope with the darkness and be able to hunt for my food whilst moving very slowly in order to conserve energy.

Maybe one day, but today is not that day. Today is a day of the catching up on the things that I need to do, but there shall be no catching. There may be the downing of the delectables, but there will be no going up stairs.

Now that I think about it, there may actually be a going up of the object known as “stairs”, as there needs to be some traversal completed at some point today in order to go from one location to another. I need to ruminate on this, as if I do not, then there is a chance that I have not properly thought out the day that is ahead of me. This is a serious issue that I need to tackle in some manner.

I need to grip it in my hands and wrestle it to the ground. Sure, it will kick and buck and try to throw me off, but this is a serious thing that I need to make sure I have taken care of before I make any attempts to – as they say – leave the house.

I don’t want to leave it for too long, however. It might move on. Maybe I shouldn’t leave the house. I don’t know if this is a good idea. Why would I want to leave the house for stairs? I mean, sure, the stairs have escalation, but the house has slight elevation.

This is something I need to think about. I need to think deeply. I need to look inward, then look outward, then look at something else. Then there may be some more looking inward. There may be none of that silliness.

The only way that I will be able to tell is if I go out.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 06:35:02

At some point I latched onto something and it led to whatever this bit of text became.

This was really easy to write. It just flowed.

I’m not going to read over it.

Written at home.

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 578: Morning Writing

So I woke up early this morning, although that’s no different from usual. Decided I was going to write before going to work rather than attempt to write whilst at work, but in sitting here I’ve realised that I don’t know what to write about even though the whole point of this challenge is to get the stream-of-consciousness writing going rather than sit down with a subject at hand.

Now, I know that I don’t want to write about not knowing what to write about as I don’t feel like writing about that, but then again, I don’t know what to write about. Thus, I’m going to write about not knowing what to write about in order to avoid writing about not knowing what to write about.

Well, at least that is what I’m going to assume I’ll write about. At the end of the morning, I could end up writing about anything. The thing is, I don’t know what it is that I will indeed write about. There are so many avenues in which I could pursue and therefore I should try and pursue one of them, or something.

However, if I go down the wrong one, I may instead end up in a cul-de-sac. If it is a particularly long one, then it could be a while before I come back.

In any event I’d have to turn around and get out of that dingy place in order to go down another route and see even more of a dingy place. It would be the same dirty area. It would just be more expansive as it would lead to other possibilities, of course.

There are so many things to consider here. Why am I using lazy metaphors? That is one of the things that need to be considered. Are these even worthy for being considered metaphors?

Well, I sit here, drinking my COFFEE and beavering away. Probably waiting for something, but whatever that something is, I do not know.

Maybe I’m waiting for the inspiration to strike me, but then again maybe I’m just waiting until I feel it is the right time to get off of this couch and get ready.

Maybe I’m just waiting for a time when I can say that I’m going to go back to sleep instead of going to work. I do certainly wish that at times I had that kind of power, and to be fair, I always do. However, in this instance it is the wish to have that kind of power and not feel  like I have to rethink budget due to the consequential reduction in pay for not going to work.

Well, I guess that I’ve made my point, or something. I know that I have made something. It’s not very pointed. Need to stop holding back on the ranting, I think. Probably been holding back a little too much.

Well, I am sure that somewhere down the track I’ll explore that possibility.

Either that, or I won’t.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:46:31

Well, this is the most productive I’ve been shortly after waking up in a while.

Wasn’t a good bit of text, but I think that for a while I should probably work toward doing more when I wake up. Maybe.

Written at home.

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Burwood Now

I imagine getting a shot closer to street level would’ve made for a better capturing.
Now that I think about it, so would having taken a shot in an area that provided a more expansive view.

This was taken when the power in Burwood Plaza went out.

It’s a shot that shows some changes in Burwood, such as out of place tall buildings among other things. However, it would be difficult to know what has changed and is changing without being familiar with (some of) the history of the area.

Before moving back to the Inner West (a far more expansive area than what some people think, as it goes a bit beyond Newtown and Lewisham, despite what many people would like to believe), I hadn’t been to Burwood in a while. There was one time in 2016 when I went to buy new jeans, and another when I was cycling to Burwood Station after getting this photo. Those were brief excursions where I didn’t really check anything out or pay attention to how the suburb had changed. The last time I had been in Burwood for an extended period of time would’ve been some point between 2012 and 2014.

Now that once more I’m living near Burwood, the changes are more apparent to me.
I think some of them are fantastic and some are bad, but overall it’s an area different, yet familiar to me.

This is a small cityscape showing off Burwood as it currently is. There’s a lot more to see and I might start capturing some of that.

I like how the overcast sky helps to contrast against the area and make it appear more striking.

Whilst I don’t like the obtrusiveness of the taller buildings, I do like that the unevenness they introduce to the shape of the area in this photo.

This is my submission into The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.

The theme this week is “Your Choice“.
This one is kind of a small celebration of this event being around for a year.
It’s a fun weekly event and one I’d recommend checking it out and considering submitting.

The challenge is hosted by four people and cycles weekly:

Week 1 – Patti

Week 2 – Ann-Christine aka Leya

Week 3 – Amy

Week 4 – Tina

This week is hosted by Tina and next week’s will be hosted by Patti.
I said the same last week, but I seem to have slipped off track at some point.

Edit: As per Tina’s comment, this challenge is hosted by everyone.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.

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Dirt Road

As that is pretty much what it is.

So this shot shows both regrowth and “fully grown” vegetation.

I think it’s interesting as to how the road feels more like a separator of the areas rather than a road for convenience.

Obviously there’s more regrowth area visible, but you do get a good suggestion of a large area of taller trees.

The light on the horizon reminds me a little of bloom lighting.

This is my submission into Leanne Cole‘s photo challenge for this week.

The theme for this one is “Parks”.

This is a state forest, but I feel it fits the theme as (as far as I’m aware), this is an area part of The Blue Mountains National Park.

I suggest checking out Leanne’s photography, as well as checking out what other people submit into the challenge.

You can find the challenges here.

I hope you enjoy.

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