About the Fires Currently in Australia

Well, it is once more a day at work and it’s looking as though it is going to be a fairly quiet one. This is what I’m hoping as there are things to do and there are concerns to address, though as I’m no firefighter, I have no way of addressing said concerns… at the moment, of course. I don’t quite know as to what will happen down the track, but at the moment the idea of being able to tackle what I feel needs the greatest amount of attention is out of my reach.

I’m sure that there are other ways of which I can bring attention to the current situation that part of Australia finds itself in, but I’m not sure if I am the person who can do that. I can always, try, however. Trying is better than doing nothing at all, and I’d rather do something rather than nothing. It might not necessarily be happening in my backyard (so to speak), but It is happening to people in a country of which I am a part and I feel that most, if not all, hold some responsibility when it comes to trying to make this a better place for everyone and not just some.

Whilst I’m not sure as to how widespread the news of party of Australia being on fire is, I feel as though it needs mentioning:

Part of Australia is currently on fire. The fires are more severe than usual.

This is not something that most would consider desirable. It is fair to say that a lot of people out there would prefer to not be experiencing this. A lot of people are in rather dire situations. A lot of animals are suffering, a lot of insects are likely to be dying off. The fires aren’t just about the impact on people it has, but other organisms too.

There’s a good chance that after all of the fires go out, all the released CO2 is going to cause further knock-on effects. I could be wrong here, but as far as I’m aware, it’s not going to instantly disappear. It will take time to be contained once more.

I feel as though I’m getting away from the topic at hand.

I’m trying to think of what people can do other than provide donations for those fighting the fires and rescuing who and what they can. That is important. Providing both financial and other assistance to them, as well as those who are losing their homes and their lives is really important. I don’t think that can be stressed enough. A lot of that would go a long way.

However, I think that spreading awareness is also important.

If one can do both, then that is fantastic. If unable to do one, then please do the other. Making sure as many people are aware of the issue at hand means a greater likelihood of support for those who at the moment are in need.

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