One Thousand Word Challenge 31: Ramble, then Customer Service Stuff

It’s not as early as the earliest I have written, but some might still consider this to be a pretty early time of the morning. It is before eight and after seven.

I’m trying to get myself to do this now before I wait any longer, as if I do spend more time relaxing, then I won’t get anything done and I’m trying to get back to a place where I’m actually doing stuff rather than doing nothing.

So it currently is the morning, I have my coffee and I’m sitting here. I’m thinking about the day ahead and wondering as to how I should proceed. I imagine that starting off with pointless waffle is not the best way to go about with a beginning if I’m looking for something with a bit of strength behind it, but… well, I’ve got no excuses this morning.

There’s a bit of study that needs to be gotten out of the way, and also a bit of writing of the critique variety (I’m being rather generous in what I refer to as a critique). There’s also the journey to and from work that I’ll need to undertake that needs to be factored into how I use the time of my day, but aside form all of that right now I’m just going to sit here within the confines of my room featuring a bed, in the hopes that the magic starts flowing.

However, aside form all of that, I’m just going to enjoy my coffee and resist all of the distractions I’ve set up for myself in the hopes that this does not take too long so I can get stuck into doing the other things that I’m looking to do.

Need to resist. Need to resist the urge to be distracted. Need to find something to talk about, but also need to resist my desire to wander off into some sort of fantasy land where I am in control of all that goes on, or at least firmly implanted within that world and in control of my actions, of which I am in the real world. However, in this fantasy land I’d either be a player, or the player. Not sure as to which yet. Need to resist that desire.

So I’m sitting here and resisting said urge so that I can keep on writing and I had something to write about, but that floated away from me so now I’m rambling for no real reason other than to try and save some face.

Coming up to Christmas and work is getting rather busy. To be fair, most of the year has been quite busy, but right now it’s really picking up steam. Strangely enough the customers seem less entitled than usual, which I guess means I’m being nicer to them, or something. Not really sure what it all means. What I do know is that it is busy enough to be tiring and it’s only going to get worse from here, so I need to capitalise on what time I have outside of work so that I get as much done. Doing so after a long shift is difficult, but it’s not something I cannot surmount.

What I have difficulty in surmounting is my allowing myself to continually be distracted by a whole bunch of different things, thus leading to my not getting things done, such as writing and photography and whatnot. I think at this point I’ve made that abundantly clear, so I think I’ll just stick to working on writing about work for the rest of this, as that is a much more important (well, not really) thing to write about.

So it is getting busier at work which means that the likelihood of higher stress levels across both customers and employees will increase quite a fair bit. It’s a busy time of the year and a lot of people make decisions too late. However, I need to stress that both sides do their best to remain calm and polite; especially customers.

I’ve said this before but it’s something that, unfortunately, cannot be said enough; customer service representatives are not punching bags. We’re here to do what we can and we do what we can.

Sometimes you will get someone with less experience than someone else, but that is not a reason to take out your stress and frustration on them. We are people, we exist and we too have mental capability.

It would be lovely for people to be kind to everyone coming into the busy period, but the likelihood of that happening is low and that really sucks. It also goes for customer service representatives toward customers, but I’m going to focus on customers here.

We understand that customers are likely feeling a lot of pressure in working out what to do and what to buy when it comes to obtaining gifts for either other people or themselves. We understand that  it may make customers irritable. However, customers need to understand that there is only so much customer service representatives (and managers) can do. We do have our limits and if something is past a cut-off point, then unfortunately that’s it.

If you find yourself in a position where you need to speak to customer service over the next few months, then please remember that who you are speaking to is also a person. It doesn’t matter if they’re in the same country as yourself, or if they are overseas; Whatever you’re feeling, they’re likely feeling it much worse as they would have been dealing with a large load of issues from different people throughout the day. It gets difficult to treat every call as though it’s your first call of the day when the customers aren’t listening and refusing to be informed. It also gets difficult if they are informed and decide to shit on you anyway.

Please be kind to customer service representatives. Often the job is stressful on what is considered a good day.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 18:13:94

I think I was thinking too much whilst I was writing, but it did lead to a bit more focus toward the end.

That’s what I’m going with.

Written at home.

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