Five-Hundred Word Challenge 563: Walk Alongside a River

Of course it is just another one of those days that requires a walk beside the canal that is referred to a river.

It is a river that is no longer a completely natural structure, for the banks were preserved with the act of creating slabs to act as a new barrier for the river. This the bank is preserved and we can all deposit continuously still. It’ll of course wash away and the savings will accumulate somewhere out there, but so long as we can keep on depositing via an artificial riverbank, then surely we don’t have to worry about all those savings eventually being forcibly sent back to us, do we?

No, of course not.

But that is something that need not be considered today. For now the walk along the artificial river is something that must be completed to some extent. Well, not must, but should,. It is a most lovely day to be walking alongside a path of water and seeing what the wonders of nature and beauty hold. Of course this form of nature is littered with a number of houses and other artificial structures, but it still is nature, isn’t it?

After all, it must be and it also means that you don’t have to travel too far from home in order to experience the wonders of man-made nature!

Who needs to go bushwalking when you can follow pavement alongside trimmed grass as it goes past racecourses, ovals, lawn bowling clubs and various houses?

Ahhh, the wonders and the beauty of nature.

But of course it will make for a nice, relaxing walk. Sometimes such a thing through suburbia is all that is needed. It’s good fore the legs and the rest of the body, and there still are many appreciable things. Not as much animal life as one desires, but still, it is a partial reminder of the ability to escape slightly from suburbia, even though it’s kind of going further into suburbia.

I guess that makes it the wonders of suburbia.

Ahhh, the wonders of suburbia.

You get to follow what essentially amounts to a sewage canal that weaves through a part of the inner west and enjoy some parkland.

It’s not all bad. There are some nice things and it certainly does make for an easy, worthwhile walk. that said it could be much better.

After all, there’s nothing like seeing nature replaced with “nature”.

It could be worse and it likely will become worse.

But… uh… it’s like being among the bush, except it’s nothing like being among the bush.

I think I need to get back into the bush.

Mayhap that shall happen sooner rather than later. We’ll have to see, of course.

For now, there’s the appreciable artificiality of suburban nature.

It really is appreciable, but that is no reason to not expect a bit better from the constituents that make up this particular area of Sydney.

Maybe I shouldn’t be and just staunchly defend the status quo.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 09:20:81

I think I was wielding an awkward hammer when I wrote this.
Probably something that I should’ve stopped trying to write as fast as possible and worked on.

Written at work.

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